Travel agency

Travel agencies are organizations or sectors that sell travel or tourism services or products. If you are planning to go on a vacation, then you can get in touch with a travel agency for their services or assistance. A travel agency that is involved in the above-mentioned activities, as well as accommodation, can be called a travel bureau

There are several online travel agencies that you can go for in case of a need. Such online agencies include Travelocity, Expedia, among many more. You can reach any of them through online platforms.

There are two main categories of travel agents

  1. Wholesale travel agents who have high knowledge and skills in organizing tours. Their skills are so much specialized.
  2. Retail travel agents who receive organized activities and services from wholesale agents and sell them to the clients. They act as an intermediary.

How do you find a reputable travel agent?

To find a reputable travel agent, you should consider the following:

  1. Agency management- Any reputable travel agent must have proper management. This is the core of all planning activities as well as their execution.
  2. Passenger handling- A travel agent must offer rightful and required assistance to their customers.
  3. Consultant service- A consultant arranges and coordinates all travel activities for the clients. Any reputable agency must offer consulting services. Such services include entertainment, lodging, transportation as well as sightseeing among others.
  4. Internal communication- Communication is paramount in all places. A well-established travel agency must offer communication services internally to their customers.
  5. Technological services- technology includes access to the internet as well as modernized facilities
  6. Recreational services- Any reputable agency should be able to provide areas and places of leisure for their clients.


As a client, you need to equip yourself with the above information and more when looking for a travel agency.